Pineapple Doorwall Decor

Posted 7-25-17

My mom once told me a story about the legend of the pineapple and how it was named for a spoiled little girl whose mother put the curse of a thousand eyes upon her. It’s a bit morose, but one day when you’re up to it, you might want to Google the Legend of the Pineapple and read it for yourself.

I much prefer the stories about pineapples that harken back to the days of yore – colonial times, when the pineapple grew to be a symbol of hospitality, friendship and warmth.

The first known encounter between a European and a pineapple was in November of 1493, when Christopher Columbus was in a deserted Caribbean village. He and his crew came upon piles of freshly gathered vegetables and strange fruits. They all enjoyed and wrote about the curious new fruit, which had an abrasive exterior like a pinecone and a firm interior like an apple.

When Columbus returned to Europe and introduced the sweet fruit to others, it was an instant hit. But it took nearly 200-years before gardeners were able to perfect a method for growing them. As a result, the pineapple remained uncommon and coveted – a symbol of royal privilege if received as a gift.

A hostess adorning her dining table with a hard-to-get pineapple said as much about her rank in society as it did about her ingenuity. The pineapples were in such high demand that some people would rent them to households by the day! Guests felt honored by a hostess who obviously spared no expense to ensure their dining pleasure. In this manner, the mere image of the pineapple then came to express the sense of hospitality that is characteristic of gracious home gatherings.

I love entertaining. Preparing for a party may be distressful to some, but to me, it’s another way to cope with some of the realities of day-to-day living.

This craft is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to dress up your front door with a pineapple made by your own hands, welcoming your friends and family into the warmth of your home.

Enjoy it and be sure to send me photos of your completed projects to

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