Are you eligible for HANDS Services?

The HANDS Clinic may provide health care at no charge to you. To be eligible, you must be a resident of St. Lucie County, 18 to 64 years of age, have lived in St. Lucie County continuously for the past six (6) months, and be within a certain income bracket. You may qualify if you do not have any health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, and do not qualify for Veterans benefits.

Each Adult Seeking Care Must Provide The Following:

A Photo ID(s)

With current residence for applicant and ALL members of the household:  Driver’s License OR State ID.

  • If PO Box is address, then proof of actual residence
  • Birth Certificates are acceptable as identification of minor children

Social Security Card(s)

For applicant and ALL members of the household. We must have the applicant’s actual card. Copies are acceptable for additional members of the household.

  • If you do not have your Social Security Card, call the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213  Local phone # 772-336-2960; 6810 S US 1, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952; 8:30am–3:30pm  M-F

Proof of Residence With Actual Address

  • Original of Current Electric or Telephone Bill
  • Lease or notarized statement of residence from person providing shelter
  • 2 pieces of official mail from government agency or bank

Proof of ALL Household Income.

  • Must bring proof of income for BOTH spouses, whether married or separated.
  • If divorced, bring copy of divorce and settlement papers.
  • 4-8 current pay stubs, or 
  • Letter from your employer on letterhead stating your current wages.
  • Notarized letters from friends, relatives, agencies that provide you with money, food, clothing and/or shelter. These must be signed and dated with the dollar value/amount of support provided per week or month.  The letter must be notarized. Click here for a sample letter.
  • Food Stamp, Social Security, Alimony, Child Support, verification.
  • Unemployment, Workers’ Compensation, Disability verification.

Last Year's Tax Return or Letter of Non-Filing

Must be an official copy of last year’s tax return or Letter of Non-Filing. Note: you must supply an official copy of last year’s tax return or Letter of Non-Filing. Copies of self-completed tax returns are not accepted.

Free copies can be obtained from the IRS by calling 800-829-0922.  Do not choose the option of holding for an operator. The IRS will mail the documents to you within 10-14 days.  Or you can click this link for an IRS Form 4506-T, which you can download and fill out to request the information. Mail it to: The IRS, Atlanta, GA  39901-0002. We have this form available at the office.

Letter of Ineligibility for Medicaid

You may apply online at or go to the Access Florida Office located at 2520 Orange Avenue, Fort Pierce, FL 34947. The phone number is 866-762-2237.
You will receive a denial letter within 30 days of the application. The letter may appear online sooner, so it is important to keep your user name and password for login.

Because of the demand for services at the Clinic, there will be a waiting period for appointments, so it’s very important that you bring ALL OF THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS to your screening session. Without these documents, we cannot determine your eligibility. Once you are deemed eligible, an appointment will be made with a provider. Eligibility to remain a patient is determined annually.

IMPORTANT:  Clients may be denied service for medical non-compliance, abusive, inappropriate or disruptive behavior, or providing false information, or documents. If you are denied services you may apply to the appeals committee.

Why is the HANDS Clinic so important?

People often put off going to the doctor when they lack health insurance. Unfortunately, waiting may mean the difference between a small problem and a life-threatening condition.

A Real Life Story:

A 33-year-old St. Lucie County woman was a frequent patient at a local hospital emergency room. Every few months this mother would go to a local Emergency Room with extremely high blood pressure – headaches and nausea – about to pass out! Her emergency room treatments were very expensive and waiting so long for treatment is dangerous.

Now, thanks to the HANDS Clinic this single parent has a medical home to address her chronic disease and she receives her medication in a timely manner. Today, she is able to care for her children and live a healthy, productive life.