A Crafter’s Guide to Stress Relief

Posted 6-30-17

I’m a believer in finding ways to relieve the everyday distresses that cause anxiety or chaos. And notice that I said “distresses,” because I also believe that stress is actually a motivator. Stress can be a stimulant for engagement. We often set goals in order to have something to aim for, keeping us engaged.

Distress is the negative impact that comes with losing control of your stimulants. It’s a kind of negative whirlwind that gets imposed on top of your stimulation and can lead to poor decision-making, reduced creativity and just plain old exhaustion.

Finding healthy ways to rise above the chaos when barraged by anxiety is key. Chronic distress has been scientifically associated with a weakened immune system and poor sleep habits.

There are many  ways to tackle everyday distresses – meditation and exercise being two examples. But, another fun way to escape the torrent of worry is by engaging in a craft. Get creative.

How can crafting help?

1.       It strengthens your confidence in your own abilities.

2.      It takes your focus away from your anxieties.

3.      It makes you the “master” of your own therapeutic work.

4.      It could broaden you social horizons by taking classes.

5.      It can become a meditative experience.

That’s what this blog will be about – crafting. And the great thing is that you don’t have to be a really crafty or creative person to find relief from distress through crafting.

Each time a new craft is posted through this blog, you will be provided with all of the instructions and guidance to complete each project. And there’s no pressure of having a timeline.

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of crafting for distress relief. I even started a group where about 12 of us meet monthly at each other’s homes to complete a simple project or two. The more engrossed I get in a crafting project, the less likely I am to turn to other unhealthy coping habits – like eating or falling down the black hole of social media.

The thrill of creating something is exhilarating.

Try your hand at this wreath, and let me know how you do. Email me at info@handsofslc.org. I look forward to hearing from you.


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