HANDS Chaplain Program

Seeking Faith-Based Partners

The HANDS Clinic recognizes that healing requires a holistic approach and welcomes the participation of faith-based partners. The HANDS Chaplain Program will collaborate with local faith-based organizations whose congregations need access to health care.  Participating faith-based organizations will:

  • Have the opportunity to provide Chaplain Services at the HANDS Clinic on a rotating schedule.
  • Receive training on the HANDS Clinic eligibility and referral process to facilitate health care access among their congregations.
  • Elect a representative from the HANDS Chaplain Program to participate on the St. Lucie County Health Access Network.
  • Recruit health care providers and other volunteers within their congregations.  Recruitment goals will be based on demographics and size of congregation.
  • Be encouraged to financially support the Clinic by taking collections or making HANDS a special project.